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Our Tae Kwon Do classes are organized for students of all experience levels! We divide classes by age. Then, within each class, we group students according to their experience, so that white belts and black belts alike can get the most out of our program. We also accommodate for students with physical or developmental challenges.  



For our youngest students ages 3.5 - 6. We teach the fundamental kicks and punches of Tae Kwon Do, helping improve motor skills and coordination. We also emphasize building good character. Students are taught the importance of listening to parents, concentration, respecting elders — perfect skills for little ones. 


Gladiators are our 7- to 11-year-old students. After learning the basics of Tae Kwon Do, students focus on building technique, improving conditioning and footwork, and learning more self-defense skills. They also combine techniques to improve coordination, balance, and sparring skills. 
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Our teen and adult classes help improve endurance and flexibility and are great stress relief. All exercises are accessible and safe regardless of age or ability. The beauty of tae kwon do is that age doesn't matter — anyone can be successful in the right atmosphere with the right instructors. 


Sparring is an integral part of Tae Kwon Do. Sparring is a combination of strategy, skills, and improvisation. It is much more complicated than simply "fighting." In sparring, students learn to apply technique with proper protective gear while supervised by our professional instructors. 
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