2021 World Class
Tae Kwon Do Tournament

Entry Fee = $95


I, the undersigned, hereby waive all claims against all persons connected to the 2021 World Class Tae Kwon Do Championships. Olympia Tae Kwon Do, Rouzbeh Alamdari, Bruce Alamdari, Belinda Alamdari, for any injuries I may sustain during my participation in the competition. I assume full responsibility for any of my actions during and in connection with said tournament. I acknowledge that Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do is an extreme test of my physical & mental limits & carries with it risk of serious injury and property loss. I hereby take action for myself, my executors administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors & assigns as follows: waive, release, discharge & I agree not to sue, from any and liability for my personal injuries, disabilities, personal theft, of action of any kind. I further agree that any picture or videos taken of or by me in connection with the said tournament can be used by the tournament director for publicity or promotion without compensation at this or any other time. I will agree to follow the rules of COVID-19 safety protocol and wear my mask during the competition. I hereby give permission for checking my temperature by the staff of Competition or Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum

Thank You for your Participation!

Pre-Registration has ended, you may still register at the door on the day of the competition at the cost of $110.